Are You Halting Someones Progress???

Losing weight, getting fit and improving your health is tough business.

Firstly, you’ve got to fight your way through the fads,  the endless information and all of the conflicting advice.

Then you have to find a plan that fits you, one that works, and on top of that you need to find the motivation to carry it through and keep it up.

So, lets say you’ve ticked off the above, you’re getting on well and everything is all good.

Nobody can stop you right?

Well we all hope this is the case but unfortunately along the way you may encounter a few barriers…in this case other people.

Not just random people either.

It could be a colleague, a friend, a family member or even your partner.

These people don’t quite understand your goal, what you want to achieve and why.

They say things like….

“Live a little”,

“Why are you eating that?”

“Come on, just have one? Don’t be boring!”

“You’re not drinking? Why not?”

“You exercise a lot don’t you?”

“I couldn’t do that. I don’t see the point.”

These people become potential barriers in your quest for weight loss. They make you question yourself. They make you feel bad. They make you feel different. They make you feel silly. They make you feel boring. They even make you feel left out and isolated.

Now these people may not even realise they’re doing it, and in most cases they probably don’t mean any harm.

However, this doesn’t stop the fact that they could be deterring you or hampering your progress.

Is it really anybody’s right to question what somebody else is doing and why?

Is it any of their business? (The only time it should become their business is if they have concerns about some bodies health and well-being).

And why does wanting to lose weight, be fit and healthy provoke such strong reactions from others?

The last point there is worth thinking about.

So if you’re reading this and you’re on your very own weight loss journey, stay strong. Focus on your goal and your reasons. Brush off questions and unwanted attention. It can be hard and it can feel lonely, but nobody else should have a bearing on your success. Having a buddy who’s on the same journey as you can also be a great support.

If you’re reading this and you realise you may be the person, friend, colleague or partner who’s paying more attention to somebody else’s lunch, personal life and hobbies than your own, maybe ask yourself why. And maybe ask yourself how you’d feel if people constantly questioned and scrutinised you and how you lived your life.

The weight loss journey is often tough. It can be confusing, misleading and even lonely at times. So instead of making it harder for each other why don’t we unite? Why don’t we encourage, praise and congratulate someone for wanting to improve their health and lifestyle? You may not even agree with what somebody is doing, but are you in a position to question or potentially slow down their progress?……..

Who knows, one day you may need to rely on their help and support.

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep….Who remembers that programme?


It was ace! Hosted by the legend that is Dale Winton! (What’s he up to these days?)

Anyway, back to the Supermarket Sweep bit, or more importantly the supermarket bit.

Believe it or not, this place is one of the most important in your quest for weight loss.

Of course the gym plays a big, big role, the kitchen too.

But the supermarket and your weekly food shop can really dictate how you look and feel.

Make some good decisions here and you’re well on your way to some amazing results. Bad decisions…..these will more than likely set you back.

So, why not start playing your very own version of Supermarket Sweep?


You’ve got an empty trolley and you need to fill it with as much healthy food as you can…..

Lets start with fruit and vegetables. It’s always the first section you walk into anyway. Here we’re going to load up! Grab LOADS of colours and lots of variety. This will give us lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Next up we’re going to hit the meat and fish sections. Again go for variety. Chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, salmon, tuna…. This is going to give us our protein. Important for making our hair, skin and nails look good but also the key to helping us lose weight.

The trolley is starting to fill up now but still room for some bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. We need these carbohydrates for energy and to function, plus who doesn’t love some carbs?!

Now we’re going to grab some nuts, seeds, olive oil and coconut oil. We’re going to need some fats. Again to provide us with energy and they can also help keep us full.

While we’re at it lets put some dairy in there. A bit of milk, butter, yoghurt and maybe a little cheese too.

We’re nearly done now but still got a little space and some time on the clock.

Just enough time to throw in some sweet stuff. Here you can grab some chocolate, ice cream, booze or whatever tickles your fancy. Let’s not get too carried away though.

Perfect! Shopping = done!

This should make a big difference in how you feel and perform over your week, and eventually in how you’ll look.

Oh, and remember….


Myth Busting…. Fasted/Morning Cardio.


I’ve had a few people ask me about fasted cardio or ‘morning cardio’ lately.

It seems to be the cool thing to do at the moment. (Hood up, Dre Beats in).

I actually used to do it.

The premise behind this is that if you do some kind of cardio on an empty stomach (incline walking on the treadmill seems a popular choice) you’ll lose body fat while maintaining muscle.

Well I hate to break it to all the ‘rise and grinders’ out there but there are no additional benefits to dropping fat and keeping muscle over fed cardio and being in a calorie deficit.

Here’s the science/evidence bit from Alan Aragon….

“There is evidence that a greater utilization of fat for fuel during a given time period is compensated by a greater carbohydrate utilization later in the day. Hence, fat burning must be considered over the course of days, not on an hour to hour basis, to meaningfully assess its impact on body composition.”

If you like getting up early and training on an empty stomach, great, (I appreciate people like to train before work etc) you’re still benefiting.

However, if you fancy some extra sleep and don’t want to train hungry then you really don’t have to.

Next on the list, meal frequency.

My Top 5 Training Tips For Women

It’s no secret that I predominantly train females. I train a few males too, but around 90% of my clients are ladies.

I see and pick up lots of things training these women, some things other trainers might not see.

So I decided to write about what I see, but more a list of my top five training tips for women.Now the tips below can be used by both sexes but are mainly aimed at women.


This is one I talk about quite often, and for good reason. Lifting weights, heavy weights, really is the key to losing weight AND looking toned. By toned what we’re basically saying is we want to lose body fat and build muscle. (I’ll talk about building muscle shortly).

Lifting heavy weights will have the biggest effect on burning calories and shaping those muscles. It will also burn calories during and after your training, unlike common forms of cardio. It does wonders for boosting your metabolism too.

Now it’s all well and good lifting weights, but it’s time to leave those little ones on the rack and move away from high repetitions. This won’t do much apart from build up your muscular endurance – being able to lift a weight over a long period of time. What we want to do is make the body and its muscles work hard, and we can do this by constantly trying to lift heavier weights. A weight that really challenges you. There are various other benefits to lifting heavy weights, from increased strength, to healthier joints and bones.

So find the weight room and progressively work on how much you can lift.


Now we’ve established that we need to work on lifting heavier weights it’s time to work on how and in what way.

Doing bicep curls and working on your ‘bingo’ wings is great for those smaller muscles. But overall, this won’t change your body too much.

What we need to look at is training your entire body, focussing on the larger muscles, such as in your legs, back and chest. You’ll get a much bigger training effect from this style of training. By training bigger muscles you’re using more energy, the more energy you use, the more calories you’ll burn.

So rather than focussing your workouts around that one body part or the smaller muscles, hit all of you big muscles in your body in one workout.

Another benefit to this, is that you can train those muscles more than once a week, meaning you’re getting even more for your money. I also prefer this style of training for women as they can recover quicker than men can, meaning you can train more and more.


Before I go into this one I want to make it clear that I’m a big fan of cardio. It’s great for improving your heart health and stamina.

But in your quest to weight loss and toning it’s not as important as you may think.

Performing 20 minutes of running on the treadmill will burn calories. However it probably won’t be that many and once you’ve finished, that’s it. As I mentioned in tip 1, weight based training will do a lot more for you when you look at the bigger picture.

As mentioned, I’m not against cardio at all. It’s great for your health and fitness, and it can still aid in weight loss, so if you really enjoy it, carry on. You can also do a form of cardio call high intensity training that is great for fat loss and improving your fitness.

But next time you think you need to step up your efforts in the gym don’t think extra cardio is the best way forward.


Not quite so exciting, but this tip is key if you want amazing, long term results.

Let’s be honest, we all want rapid results, but far too many people go gung ho and take an ‘all or nothing’ approach and search for that magic pill, that quick fix. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist. Yes you can get rapid results from certain diets or products, but these end up with a rebound or backlash. You’ll lose some weight quickly, however as soon as you put and end to the ‘diet’ or ‘cleanse’ the weight goes straight back on. This leads to a frustrating merry go round.

So how we do get good results and make them last? Consistency. Consistency with your food intake, consistency with your training. I think my clients get fed up of hearing that word but it’s one I like to drill home, it’s so important. Making small, realistic changes over time and then keeping them up is THE best way to get amazing results, and results you can keep. The sooner you stop looking for the magic pill and realising consistency is key, the sooner you can step of that merry go round.

Remember, building your ideal looking body is always work in progress.


You may not think you want to build muscle, but you do. Trust me! As mentioned, toning, pretty much means building muscle. Now before you start to panic we’re not going to make you look like a Russian shot putter. You could train and train and train, eat and eat and eat and I’d pretty much guarantee you’d never look like a man, or ‘big’ and ‘bulky’. I’m going to keep things simple here, men and women are totally different (as we all know to well!!).

So, you want to have nice looking arms? Then you’re going to need to build muscles in your arms. Want a firm, rounded bum? You’ll need to build your bum muscles!

Nick Tumminello, a famous coach said this in his book ‘Strength Training For Fat Loss’, and I think it sums it brilliantly….

“When you talk about ‘toning’, ‘enhancing’, or ‘shaping’ certain areas of your body, what you’re really talking about is muscle. Put simply, muscle creates the shape of your body, therefore more muscle equals more muscle tone. You can’t build a perkier, rounder or sexier anything without building muscle”

Why do we want to build muscle? Well apart from providing you with that toned look you want, and curves in all the right places, there are other important reasons. For starters there’s your metabolic rate. I’m not going to go all scientific on you now, so again, keeping it in very simple terms, the higher your metabolic rate the more calories you’ll burn and the more fat you’ll burn. Having more muscle, and holding onto it is key to keeping your metabolism boosted.

How do you build muscle? This could be a blog of its own, and one I may write in the near future. In the meantime go back my first point and lift heavy weights! Aim for 8 – 15 repetitions for the main part, with a challenging weight and that should do the trick.

So there you have it. My top five training tips for women. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list over time and giving you even more tips. If you have any questions on any of the above, or anything else for that matter, feel free to get in touch.

Fail More Often

When you fail at something what does it mean?

Does it mean you should give up?

Does it mean you should stop and turn your attention to something else?

Does it mean you’re no good? 


The actual definition of what failing means includes ‘weakness’ and ‘shortcoming’

A weakness can be turned into a strength.
A shortcoming means you didn’t quite get there….this time.

Failing is the only way you can move forward.

“Failure is the opportunity to try again through revised eyes”

It’s the only way you can truly learn.

Look back at all the big failures in your life.

It could be a relationship.
A job interview.
An important exam.

From those experiences I guarantee you took something and learnt something new that you could to take into future experiences. 

I’ve failed so many times. I always have and always will.

But I’ve learnt so much from those failures. 
These failures have genuinely made me a better person.

“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war” 

Don’t be afraid of failing. It’s going to happen.

Planned on eating well this week, but failed today?
It doesn’t mean you stop and give up for the rest of the week.
Learn why and where you went wrong, then go again tomorrow.

Failed in your last 10 minutes at the gym?
Why did you fail?
Get stronger, get fitter and try again.

Failing at losing weight? 
Learn why it’s not happening. Try something else. Keep going.

Fail, fail, fail.

Learn, learn, learn.

“Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward to success”

Learn from my failures. Download my free Weight Loss & Health Guide now…

Do You Really Want To Lose Weight?

This is a serious question!

Something I hear a lot of these days are statements like this….

“I’d do anything to lose weight.”

“It would mean everything to me if I lost a bit of weight.”

“Losing weight and getting healthy are very important to me.”

Bus it it?

Is it really?

If it was as important as you say it is you’d be doing something about it!

If you’d do ANYTHING to lose weight then why aren’t you?

No, it’s not easy but if it’s something you want as badly as you say you do then you need to start taking action.

Do you want to go out every weekend and spend £50 on wine, prosseco and vodka?

Or do you want that gym membership?

Do you really need that new handbag or those new shoes?

Or do you want to invest in some Weight Loss Coaching?

Do you want to watch Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Corrie every night?

Or do want to make a little time to go to the gym 3 hours a week?

Do you want to pay silly money for the latest quick fix, supplement or celebrity workout DVD?

Or do you want to invest that money in something that’s going to last, improving your confidence and improving the way you look and feel?

It really is up to you….

If you want to sit on the sofa and watch that episode of The Kardashians that you’ve 8 times, if you want that handbag, if you want to go out ever weekend then great, carry on…..

But stop telling people you’d do anything to lose weight!

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The Devil Carb???

Ok, it seems carbs are still being demonised.

Low carb this, no carb that!

Let’s get one with straight…

Our bodies NEED carbs.

We need them for energy, to recover from exercise, to perform our everyday tasks, plus carbohydrates are the only food group that feed the brain.

That might explain why you feel like rubbish when you cut out the carbs.

I want to focus on one type of carb though….



Now, every so often a food, or food group gets targeted and picked on. It seems like breads turn has come.

Bread has been blamed for obesity, making us feel ill, bloated and clogged up. It was probably blamed for killing Lucy Beale at one point until little Bobby got his hands on that jewellery box! (I don’t watch it, I just heard about it!!).

Lately I’m hearing of loads of people who are cutting it out of their diets completely.

I have a question….


If you have an intolerance, you need to avoid gluten and wheat, then fine, I hear you.

But if you don’t….

Then why are you cutting out bread?

Can you actually answer that question?

Pick a decent loaf of bread and you’ve got a decent source of carbohydrate. It’s also really convenient. Load it with chicken and salad and you’ve got yourself a good, all round lunch option.

Plus what’s a bacon sarnie without a piece of thick, soft bread?

One more thing I find bizarre about the anti bread brigade is the very same people that cut it out are the same people who continue to eat crisps, pizza and other dough based goodies!

Figure that one out!

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